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English  |  العربية 01:10:39, Wednesday, 26 Apr 2017


UN Welcomes Libya's Peaceful Transfer of Authority, Offers Continuing Support

 Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Libya (SRSG) Ian Martin welcomes the peaceful transfer of authority from the National Transitional Council to the newly elected National Congress.


"I warmly congratulate the Libyans on this peaceful and democratic transfer of power, which is not only a first for this country but an inspiration for others. It reflects the people's confidence in their political process. It is a profound break with the past and a great leap forward on the road to a democratic and accountable state," the SRSG said.


In the coming period, the Libyans will consolidate their political gains by embarking on a process to draw up a new constitution, the SRSG said.


The United Nations looks forward to working with the new members of the National Congress in whom the people have placed their trust, and with the new government the Congress will appoint. It remains ready to continue to assist the Libyans in their democratic transition, Mr. Martin said, as well as in building a security sector under democratic control and in protecting human rights through the rule of law.

"Much work lies ahead to consolidate and build on what has been accomplished. This requires all Libyans, political leaders and civil society, to join hands to chart the future of their country."


"At this moment of peaceful, democratic transition to new authorities, Libyans can take huge pride in what has been accomplished," the SRSG said.

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