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English  |  العربية 07:51:07, Tuesday, 23 May 2017
Democratic Transition


“Ensure the transition to democracy, including through promoting, facilitating and providing technical advice and assistance to a single, inclusive and transparent national dialogue, to Libyan electoral processes and to the process of preparing, drafting and adopting a new Libyan constitution, promoting the empowerment and political participation of all parts of Libyan society, in particular women, youth and minorities, and through the provision of good offices to support an inclusive Libyan political settlement and to promote a political environment for the integration of ex-combatants into Libyan national security forces or their demobilization and reintegration into civilian life.”

UN Security Council Resolution 2144 (2014), paragraph 6 (a).



UNSMIL key areas of activities to support the democratic transition of Libya include:


Provision of electoral assistance

Support to the constitution-making process, as requested by Libyan authorities
Provision of technical and political advice to the General National Congress on its establishment, adoption of procedures and operations; and,
Support Libyan national reconciliation efforts.
Promote women's empowerment