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English  |  العربية 08:00:58, Tuesday, 23 May 2017
Rule of Law & Human Rights

Ghousoun Rahhal (right, facing camera), a consultant on training and capacity building at UNSMIL, conducts a workshop on human rights organization in Zawiya.


Support Libyan efforts in promoting the rule of law and monitoring and protecting human rights, in accordance with Libya’s international legal obligations, particularly those of women and people belonging to vulnerable groups, such as children, minorities and migrants, including through assisting the Libyan authorities to reform and build transparent and accountable justice and correctional systems, supporting the development and implementation of a comprehensive transitional justice strategy, and providing assistance towards national reconciliation, support to ensure the proper treatment of detainees and the demobilization of any children remaining associated with revolutionary brigades. Resolution 2040 (2012), paragraph 6 (b)
UNSMIL will work to support the new national authorities, including the General National Congress, in promoting human rights. It will continue to urge them to articulate and implement a coherent strategy on transitional justice that would provide a forum for the resolution of conflicts based on past grievances and enable victims to seek redress. In the longer-term, UNSMIL and the UNCT will lend strategic support to building civil society capacity as human rights advocates, developing policies and a framework to address discrimination and violence. UNSMIL will support an independent international assessment of the Ministry for the Assistance of the Families of Martyrs and Missing Persons to strengthen their forensic capacity.



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