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UN Special Representative in Libya appeals for respect for human rights and reconciliation

Press Release - Tripoli, 7 October 2011 – As the battle for Sirte approaches its end, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General Ian Martin today appealed to all parties to respect human rights and humanitarian principles and to look ahead to the task of national reconciliation.

New UN political mission in Libya begins operations and deployment of staff

The United Nations is moving quickly to deploy staff to its newly established political mission in Libya and begin work, the head of the operation said today, stressing that the initial focus will be on helping the country restore public security, plan for elections and ensure transitional justice.

World’s countries pledge support for Libyan transition at UN summit

A United Nations summit in support of Libya today backed the transition plans of the country’s new authorities and pledged their ongoing support to help the North African country establish the rule of law, uphold key human rights and promote both economic recovery and public security.

Security Council creates United Nations Support Mission in Libya, adopting resolution 2009 (2011)

 Affirming a leadership role for the United Nations in international efforts to support a nationally led process aimed at building a democratic, independent and united Libya, the Security Council decided this afternoon to establish a support mission in that country.

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