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International Assistance Coordination


Support Libyan efforts in coordinating international assistance and building government capacity including by supporting the coordination mechanism within the Libyan government announced on 31 January 2012, advice to the Libyan government to help identify priority needs for international support, engaging international partners in the process wherever appropriate, facilitation of international assistance to the Libyan government, and establishing a clear division of labour and regular and frequent communication between all those providing assistance to Libya- Resolution 2040 (2012), paragraph 6 (e)



UNSMIL has been working with the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Planning to establish a structure to coordinate international offers of assistance in line with needs as identified by the Government of Libya.

UNSMIL supported the Government of Libya in organising a conference from 30-31 January on coordinated international support in the areas of transitional justice and rule of law, public administration reform and E-Government, social services delivery, civil society and media strengthening, and strategic communication.

On 29 March, UNSMIL supported a meeting hosted by the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Planning to present the Government’s Strategic Plan and establish a coordination mechanism for international assistance.

Under the leadership of the DSRSG/Resident Coordinator the UNCT has aligned its plans with the priorities outlined in the Government’s Strategic Plan by developing a common UNCT Strategic Framework.

This UNCT Strategic Framework 2012-2013 was discussed at a workshop convened by the Libyan Ministry of Planning with Government Line Ministries and UN Agencies on 29 July 2012.

UNSMIL and the UNCT will continue to support the Government in its efforts to harmonize international support to Libya in priority areas including democratic governance, security, disarmament, demobilization and reintegration, transitional justice, economic development, and basic service delivery.


UNSMIL, with its international partners, will reinforce the support to the international coordination architecture established by the Government and will continue to promote the alignment of international efforts with national priorities and sectoral plans.