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Transitional Justice

Transitional Justice


The United Nations has offered technical advice and international experience regarding transitional justice. UNSMIL gave advice on the transitional justice law and has organized a national conference and several local workshops for assisting in the development of strategies for implementing transitional justice. UNSMIL released a report on 17 September 2012 entitled “Transitional Justice – Foundation for a New Libya”, to advocate with the national authorities to promote a comprehensive transitional justice strategy aimed at promoting reconciliation which includes trials of former senior regime figures and others who committed serious violations; a dynamic truth-seeking process; reparations victim-oriented measures; and various institutional reforms.

Recommendations of the Conference on "Truth and Reconciliation", held in Tripoli on 12-13 Dec 2012

The Conference on Truth and Reconciliation: The Way Forward, held in Tripoli on 12-13 December, brought together Government officials, members of the Fact-Finding and Reconciliation Commission, members of the General National Congress, members of the Council of Wise Men (hukama), representatives from the Ministry of Martyrs and Missing Persons, civil society and victim groups, and individual experts. Participants hailed from throughout Libya.

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“A transitional justice strategy can contribute to defining how Libyan society will go forward, and lay the foundations for a new democratic society”, says a report by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL).
Transitional Justice – Foundation for a New Libya”, released on 17 September 2012, provides an overview of the challenges facing transitional justice in Libya. It advocates the inclusion of truth-seeking in a comprehensive transitional justice strategy; recommends a victim-oriented approach in the Libyan transitional justice process; and calls for putting in place a prosecutorial strategy, including to end the continued detention of some 7000 persons without legal process.
The report recommends that Libya’s General National Congress and government commit to implementing a comprehensive transitional justice process within the next year.

Press Release on release of Report: