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The Libya Experts Development Cooperation Forum vows to support the Government of National Accord providing policy advice

Tunis, 29 September 2016 – The fourth meeting of the Libya Experts Development Cooperation Forum concluded today, bringing together Libyan academics, policy makers, prominent experts, entrepreneurs and the international community. 

The meeting – which was opened by Dr. Jaffar Hussain Syed (United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Libya ad interim) together with Dr. Taher El Jehaimi (Minister of Planning Designate) – marked the start of a new phase for the Forum, which completed its institutionalization electing the Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors of the Forum. 

In his opening keynote speech Dr. Taher Jehaimi, highlighted that the Libyan Experts Development Cooperation Forum will act as an autonomous Think Tank serving to the benefit of the Libyans. “The only political connotation the Forum will have is to prove its patriotism and willingness to serve the cause of institutional re-habilitation in Libya”. 

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Board of Trustees and the United Nations on 29 September to mark the official handover of the Forum.  

The Forum “will from now on act as an independent, nationally owned neutral platform, for constructive dialogue and proactive discussion with institutions in Libya. The Forum members are ready to put their knowledge and expertise at the service of the Country” Dr. Mostafa Attir, Chairman of the General Assembly of the Forum said. 

Amal El Obeidi, a highly committed member of the Forum, highlighted: “In post-conflict Libya, the Libyan authorities face highly complex development challenges. These include priorities such as ensuring inclusive politics, addressing security and rule of law reforms”. The Forum will also give its contribution towards putting the economy in order so as to achieve sustainable growth, meeting the demand for better basic service delivery, stabilizing government functions, creating jobs and enhancing labor productivity, and eliminating economic, social and cultural aspects of inequality.

Within this complex transition process, the Libyan Experts Development Cooperation Forum is established as a neutral non-profit body to promote synergy between the Libyan intellectual community and practitioners and government decision makers. Ahmad Al Atrash, Head of the Board of Directors, recalled. The Forum, as an advisory body, is able to translate the findings of fundamental research into policy options and to enable politicians to see the effects of their decisions.

The Special Representative of the Secretary General, Mr. Martin Kobler, closed the 4th edition of the Libyan Experts Development Cooperation Forum. He congratulated the Forum for its institutionalization encouraging the participants to continue their work and specifically focus on the economy, oil production and ensure security of the oil fields. “The future of Libya belongs its citizens, Libyans should draw the Vision for the Country” Kobler said. The SRSG also engaged in an open debate with the members of the Forum, from which the issues of implementation of the Libyan Political Agreement and cessation of hostilities emerged as key topics in the consolidation of the transition process in Libya. 

The Fourth edition of the Libyan Experts Development Forum is organized by the United Nations in Libya, UNDP, World Bank and International Monetary Fund. As scheduled, the Forum will reconvene quarterly.

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