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This year’s observance of United Nations Day occurs at a time of transition for Libya; a time for Libyans to come together in unity.  A time to decide on a path forward towards one government, one parliament and one army. 

For the UN, Libya’s sovereignty is paramount.  The reconciliation and state-building process must be Libyan-owned and Libyan-led.  The UN is here to support.  We do not have all the answers to the challenges facing Libya and the Libyans, nor do we seek to impose our views. We do, however, have the technical expertise, know-how and capacity to help the Libyans along this path.

This October 24th marks the 71st Anniversary of the ratification of the United Nations Charter.  A Charter that places human beings at the centre of everything we do – from conflict prevention to development to human rights. Securing real and lasting improvement in the lives of individual men and women is the measure of all we do at the UN.  
As Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Libya, I want to be a convener, a mediator, a bridge-builder and an honest broker to help find solutions that benefit all Libyans.

UN Staff, from the whole United Nations Family, are working daily, in cooperation with Libyan civil society and national institutions, to provide lifesaving support to Libyans.  In 2016 alone, UN contributions included providing food assistance to 210,000 people and safe water to 26,000 Libyan as well as 250 tons of improved wheat seeds to ensure food and income security to small-scale farmers. 

To safeguard the most vulnerable, the UN provided safe learning spaces to 9,000 school-aged children in conflict affected areas with otherwise no access to education and 11,000 children with psychosocial and protection support.  
In addition, the UN supported the immunization of more than one million children against polio, ensured that 7,200 women have the appropriate equipment and medicines to give safe birth and supported hospitals throughout the country with emergency health kits, trauma kits and non-communicable disease medicines for life saving interventions.  
The UN stands for peace, justice, human dignity, tolerance and solidarity.  I have faith in the UN values.  I also have faith that Libyans can come together in unity and together forge their way to peace, security and prosperity.
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