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UNSMIL Urges Dialogue Participants to Seize Momentum and Leaders to Act to Stop Military Escalation

09 March 2015 - In view of some of the media coverage and other public statements that followed the conclusion on 7 March of three days of Libyan political dialogue facilitated by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) in Skhirat, Morocco, the Mission has found it necessary to provide the following clarifications:

1. Prior to convening the talks in Morocco, all parties had noted their agreement to UNSMIL’s proposal that the agenda would focus on two items, namely formation of a national consensus government, and security arrangements to pave the way for an end to armed hostilities in Libya and the withdrawal of all armed groups from towns and cities.

2. As part of its facilitation role, UNSMIL presented for general discussion a number of draft proposals that were the result of weeks of extensive and close consultations with all the different parties. These outlined various ideas and views that had been communicated by the different parties to UNSMIL regarding the agenda items. The discussion aimed to build consensus among the participants on these issues.

3. During the course of the discussions in Morocco, one of the parties requested that UNSMIL convey to the other participants a proposal for the resolution of the Libyan crisis. UNSMIL expressed the view that the proposal represented a departure from the agenda which all the participants had previously agreed to.

4. Nonetheless, noting the request for an amendment to the agenda, UNSMIL consulted with the other parties who stressed that given the high expectations on the part of the Libyan people for the dialogue, reaching immediate results to overcome the Libyan crisis should remain the priority, particularly with respect to decisions on government and security.

5. UNSMIL again underscores that a final and durable solution to the Libyan crisis must be comprehensive and enjoy the support of all participants. In this regard, the Mission has outlined guarantees that comprehensive negotiations will continue until a final settlement acceptable to all parties is agreed.

In the interest of transparency and safeguarding the integrity of the on-going dialogue process and the commitments made by the various delegations taking part in the talks, UNSMIL urges all dialogue participants to refrain from making proposals outside the framework of these talks. The Mission believes this will be key to efforts to build trust among the parties.

UNSMIL believes there is considerable scope for the parties to build on the momentum already generated within the framework of the Libyan dialogue process.

Underlining the principles of a Libyan-owned and Libyan led dialogue facilitated by UNSMIL, the Mission will be following up with all the parties for a resumption of the discussions on Wednesday, 11 March 2015, after all the dialogue participants have had the opportunity to fully brief and consult with their respective constituencies on the deliberations that took place in Morocco.

At a time when all the parties are actively engaged in the dialogue process, the Mission deeply regrets the continuing escalation on the military front, including attacks on airports and other infrastructure. The escalation calls into question the commitment of those responsible behind these latest acts of aggression.

In his latest briefing to the United Nations Security Council, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Libya, Bernardino Leon, called on Libya’s political leadership to take all necessary measures to stop further attacks. Reiterating this message, Mr. Leon urges Libya’s leaders to assume their legal and political responsibilities by ensuring that all forces operating under their command comply with the political commitment they have made within the framework of the dialogue process.

In the interest of Libya’s higher national interest and safeguarding the country’s national unity and territorial integrity, UNSMIL calls on all parties to continue to engage constructively with the dialogue process. Libya is at a critical juncture, and the window of opportunity is rapidly diminishing.

Together with the international community, the United Nations will spare no effort to assist the Libyan people to realise their aspirations for a peaceful and stable Libya, and for a modern democratic state based on respect for human rights and the rule of law.
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