Digital Dialogue Platform

Human rights are fundamental rights and freedoms, inherent to all human beings regardless of race, sex, nationality, religion or any other status.

The United Nations in Libya engages with people across Libya to better understand human rights challenges and to advance human rights for all Libyans. As part of this process and to use these findings to inform the ongoing political process, the UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Mr. Abdoulaye Bathily, is holding an online dialogue with Libyan women and men across the country. And we want to hear your views.

You can join the dialogue by visiting the link below, which will become live just before the time on 8 December:

8 December

7pm Tripoli time

The points you make will be compiled and shared with the government and other policy makers, including members of the international community. UNSMIL hopes that through this process we can echo your voice and inform the political and reconciliation process in Libya, while ensuring human rights are at the centre.

The digital dialogue also coincides with International Human Rights Day, on 10 December. This year’s theme is ‘Dignity, Freedom and Justice for All’.

Your voice counts!