Inclusive democratic process and national reconciliation

UNSMIL commits its good offices to supporting unified, elected, legitimate, and functional governmental institution helping contribute to political stability and reconciliation in Libya through:

  • Supporting intra-Libyan dialogue preferably on Libyan soil to advance the political process, the continued implementation of consensus-based decisions, and a national rights-based reconciliation process in accordance with UN Security Council resolution 2656 (2022).
  • Enhancing inclusive dialogue with Libyans across the country including victims, women, youth and marginalized groups, as well as international partners, and strengthening regional engagement to help Libyan leaders overcome their differences and to work towards reunification of Libyan institutions.
  • Enhancing the capacity of the electoral management body to deliver credible, inclusive and transparent elections.
  • Supporting the development of a constitutional framework in accordance with universally recognized principles of democracy, inclusivity, and respect for human rights within a well-defined timeframe.
  • Advocating for a legal framework on elections to take in consideration the inclusion of women in elected institutions and advocating for equitable access to civil space for all Libyans.
  • Fostering inclusive engagement at all levels. Protecting and promoting civic space and addressing obstacles hindering the participation of women in socio-economic development, political dialogue and the freedom to express political views.
  • Amplifying the voices of youth, women, and marginalized groups to ensure their inclusion in the decision-making processes.