IOM, Japan Support Internally Displaced Families in Libya

31 Mar 2017

IOM, Japan Support Internally Displaced Families in Libya

Libya - Japan, through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has committed USD 679,500 to support a 12–month project addressing the immediate needs of internally displaced families in Libya.

The project, Direct Assistance to Internally Displaced Persons in Libya, will provide much needed items to some of the most vulnerable families who are escaping the violent conflict in the country. The project seeks to improve the conditions of IDPs living in main areas of displacement through provision of direct humanitarian assistance.

“Last year, Japan committed USD 2.8 billion between 2016 and 2018 to assist refugees and migrants around the world,” explained Tsuneki Matsuda, Charge d'Affaires ad interim, Embassy of Japan in Libya. “We sincerely hope that our assistance will help alleviate the hardship IDPs in Libya are facing now.”

The needs of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and families are great. Hundreds of thousands have been displaced by violent armed conflict throughout the country. IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix identified more than 313,000 IDPs living in conflict areas. Recently, the UN issued a Flash Appeal requesting assistance for 79,000 families affected by violence in Sirte. Benghazi is another area of the country where IDPs are trying to return to their homes.
“Many times, when families return to their communities, they find their homes destroyed, damaged or occupied by others,” explained Othman Belbeisi, IOM Libya Chief of Mission. “These families have no other support, so the international community, led by IOM in partnership with the People of Japan and other generous donors, help us provide this vital support to those most in need.”

“Japan will continue to play an important role to bring solutions to the refugee and migrant issues in Libya by collaborating closely with the international community,” Matsuda said.
Through this project, as many as 5,000 IDPs (1,200 families) will receive items needed to support their daily living requirements.

“These families, many whom have lost everything, can receive mattresses, blankets, clothes, hygiene kits and other items needed to support daily life,” said Olfa Bakouch, Project Assistant. “We visit the areas where these families live, determine their immediate needs and provide assistance where we can.”

Last year, IOM provided life-saving humanitarian aid to 24,733 internally displaced persons in Libya. Displaced families in remote areas, and in areas in conflict, are often most at-risk. Therefore, IOM prioritizes its efforts in these places.

IOM established a presence in Libya in 2006 and has supported the needs of migrants, IDPs, returnees, refugees and asylum seekers ever since.

For further information, please contact IOM Libya, Othman Belbeisi, Tel: +216 29 600389, Email: