Ra’idat 2024-25 is open for applicants

1 Jul 2024

Ra’idat 2024-25 is open for applicants

Tripoli, 1 July - The United Nations in Libya is now accepting applications for the second cohort of its annual Ra’idat training programme which opens today. Young Libyan women aged 18-30 are invited to apply between 01 and 15 July to join the programme.

Ra’idat is a UN in Libya initiative aimed at developing the leadership potential of young Libyan women by building their competencies in key areas such as communications, advocacy, teamwork, leadership and human rights.

“The Ra’idat programme was launched with a clear vision: to empower youth, specifically young women, to take an active role in shaping their futures, the futures of their communities, and by extension the future of Libya,” said Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General and Resident Coordinator, Georgette Gagnon. “By equipping young women with the tools to influence decision-making processes, we are investing in leaders to steer policymakers, mitigate drivers of conflict, and drive meaningful change for positive outcomes.”

Only 30 women will be chosen to be part of the year-long programme, based on their answers to the application questionnaire available on the Ra’idat webpage.

“I had a great experience last year with the Ra’idat programme,” said Meeleen Alezabi, 28, from Zwara. “I built networks, which have enabled me to be a leader and pioneer in my community,” she said, adding that she hoped more women got to take part in the programme this year so that they could build their skills to become successful leaders in their fields.”

The training programme, which will start in September, covers communications, advocacy, teamwork and leadership skills, as well as building participants’ knowledge of human rights, elections and women’s legal rights in Libya.