Remarks by SRSG Bernardino Leon to the media in Morocco, after the start of the round of dialogue

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25 Jun 2015

Remarks by SRSG Bernardino Leon to the media in Morocco, after the start of the round of dialogue

Skhirat, Morocco, 25 June 2015 - “We have just started this meeting, which the Libyans first of all and everybody in the region are expecting, really us, what we expect to be the last round, the final round of talks. We are getting closer to a solution. Obviously, the fact that all the participants in the dialogue have accepted the fourth draft as a basis for a final solution is extremely encouraging.

So, we are really looking forward to our discussions in the coming days and the possibility to have an agreement which is accepted by everybody.

This is the challenge we have. This is what we are trying to do. We have just started our meetings by receiving the remarks on the text by the GNC. Some of the other participants are arriving in the coming hours. And we will continue to meet with them, and in the coming days I will give you a more concrete reading of what these remarks are about and the possibilities to finalize this text which is accepted by everybody as soon as possible.”

Question: Some of the changes proposasls by the sides are seen somewhat substantial, will they be taken onboard?

LEON: “Allow us to analyze what these proposals are. We are in a negotiation. This is a work trying to reach consensus, trying to integrate the points of view of everybody. But until we don’t have a complete reading of the remarks presented by everybody we will not be in a position to assess what the possibilities for the text are.

I just wanted to welcome you today, to tell you as always we will be very closely working with you in the coming days. At this stage it is a very opening and preliminary work. I think later tomorrow, by this time or the day after tomorrow, we will be in a much better position to assess exactly the possibilities to reach this consensus.”