Special Envoy Kubiŝ meets with women, civil society groups and the 24 December movement

27 Mar 2021

Special Envoy Kubiŝ meets with women, civil society groups and the 24 December movement

TRIPOLI, 27 March 2021 -The Special Envoy Special Envoy and Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), Ján Kubiš held yesterday a meeting with a group of women from different backgrounds and parts in Libya, including activists, lawyers, LPDF members, human rights advocates, civil society.  The meeting focused on the critical role of Libyan women in the political process, particularly in the upcoming elections as voters as well as candidates.

Women participants called for the promotion of dialogue and peaceful solutions to solve all issues among Libyans and for a better role for Libyan women in peacebuilding efforts and better representation of women in the executive authority. They all stressed the importance to adhere to the 24-December as the date of holding national elections.

The Special Envoy emphasized that the UN and its international partners are working closely with all relevant Libyan authorities and parties to ensure all necessary arrangements are in place for the holding of national elections as set forth in the LPDF Roadmap. “There is enough political will to move it forward with the national elections on 24 December 2012,” the Special Envoy said. 

Special Envoy Ján Kubiš also held another meeting with the founders of the 24 December Movement, a grassroot initiative focusing on safeguarding the holding of elections as defined by the LPDF Roadmap. The Special Envoy welcomed the initiative stressing that UNSMIL will do everything possible to ensure holding the elections on 24 December. “This is the vision of the Security Council, UN Secretary-General, the Libyan political leaders, and most importantly it is what the Libyan people want,” the Special Envoy said.

“We are encouraged to see these civic movements mobilizing civil society activists, women, and young people to come together and think along these lines. I hope we can work together to prepare for the best possible civil elections,” Mr. Kubiš said.