SRSG Bathily's Statement on the 13th Anniversary of the 17th February Revolution

17 Feb 2024

SRSG Bathily's Statement on the 13th Anniversary of the 17th February Revolution

On the 13th anniversary of the 17th February Revolution in Libya, I commend the unwavering spirit of resilience demonstrated by the Libyan people in their peaceful pursuit of change, democracy, peace, and stability. As we reflect on this occasion today, it is crucial for all Libyan leaders to recognize the daily struggles faced by their fellow citizens and work towards fulfilling their aspirations.

The current status quo poses a significant threat to the unity of Libya. The fragility of its institutions and the deep divisions within the nation represent grave risks to its stability.

It is imperative that Libyan leaders acknowledge their responsibility and be held accountable for their decisions and actions, as they directly impact the lives of the Libyan people. They must come together, settle all politically contentious issues, and agree on a way forward to build a strong, united, and resilient Libya. Only through good faith and compromise can they forge a path towards a better future, where freedom, democracy, and prosperity prevail.

The Libyan people have endured prolonged waiting and cannot accept any further delays in the formation of a unified government that brings together all regions – East, West, and South – to rebuild the social fabric and economy and restore the sovereignty and dignity of the nation.

On this occasion, I reiterate UNSMIL’s commitment to supporting the Libyan people in their pursuit of peace, justice, legitimate institutions, and inclusive governance.