Statement by SRSG Tarek Mitri

3 Oct 2013

Statement by SRSG Tarek Mitri

Tripoli, 02 October 2013 - Statement by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Libya Tarek Mitri:

The report, which was issued by the United Nations two days ago, covers verified torture cases that took place in Libyan prisons and detention facilities during the previous months. First and foremost, the report aims at urging all concerned parties to put an end to such practices. It also presents some proposals to assist achieving this goal.

In this regard, I must commend the tremendous efforts exerted by the Ministry of Justice to establish the sovereignty of the State and rule of law, as well as ensure that detainees are treated in accordance with the known humanitarian laws and standards.

I also consider that it is my duty to refer to the commitment that the leaders of the revolutionaries have made towards defending the honor and values of the Revolution. Such commitment entails a huge responsibility in respecting and promoting human rights, as well as ending human rights abuses.

I hope that all detention-related problems are addressed in accordance with international conventions and recently adopted laws, which Libya has committed to their implementation.