UN Delivers Skills Workshop on Writing Electoral Procedures for Staff from Jordan, Libya and Tunisia

30 Mar 2015

UN Delivers Skills Workshop on Writing Electoral Procedures for Staff from Jordan, Libya and Tunisia

29 March 2015 - The UN Electoral Support Team, comprising resources from the UN Support Mission in Libya and the UN Development Programme, gathered sixteen electoral staff from Jordan, Libya and Tunisia in Tunis between 29 March and 2 April to strengthen skills related to the development of electoral procedures.

The workshop forms part of ongoing efforts on the part of the UN to assist national electoral management bodies to augment technical skills and knowledge in preparation for future elections. Participants are drawn from the Independent Election Commission of Jordan, the High National Elections Commission of Libya and the L'Instance Supérieure Indépendante pour les Élections of Tunisia. All three commissions organized landmark elections over the past two years.

Participants will discuss several elements of procedures development over the five-day workshop, including: the relationship between law, regulations and electoral procedures; international obligations to elections; elements of strong procedures; gender mainstreaming; and the importance of testing and feedback to the development of procedures.

Experience from other countries is a key element in the workshop's success thus far, as it enables participants to compare experiences, tools, materials in discussion of good practices in credible elections. Building a strong community of practice across the region will encourage further exchange on various aspects of elections, strengthening knowledge of participating organizations and their staff in the long term.

Libyan participation in the workshop was made possible through the support of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom.

Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nxn5ic14bimyyjd/AACDM3RR6BzV1ZJEiIXnwXAta?dl=0

Caption: Libyan, Tunisian and Jordanian participants discuss elements of procedures development, 29 March 2015 (Photo credit: Melissa Rudderham/UN Electoral Support Team)