UN launches year-long leadership training programme for young women from across Libya

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3 Oct 2023

UN launches year-long leadership training programme for young women from across Libya

TRIPOLI – 3 October 2023 – In September, the UN launched a training programme for 30 young women from across Libya aimed at improving their communication, leadership and advocacy skills as well as increasing their knowledge of elections, women's right, human rights, and reconciliation. 

The year-long Ra’idat programme, supported by UNDP, UNICEF and UNWomen and led by UNSMIL, started last month with an in-person training session taking place over three days in Tripoli. It will continue in October and then every other month, bringing together the same young women each time who come from different parts of Libya, from different cultural components and have different abilities. 

“Libyan women often face obstacles in their efforts to engage in advocacy and politics at a decision-making level,” said Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General in Libya and Resident and Humanitarian coordinator, Georgette Gagnon. “The Ra’idat programme aims to support participants to build their skills and engage actively in their communities.” 

Participants in the programme will also be paired with volunteer mentors from across academia and civil society organisations who will share experiences and help support their development throughout the year. 

“Young people are an essential pillar for the future of Libya and it is crucial that women and girls are provided with the leadership skills to engage in their communities and help advance the country toward stability and prosperity” said Michele Servadei, UNICEF Representative for Libya.  

Ra’idat is the first youth programme of its kind for the UN in Libya and sees UNSMIL work jointly with UNICEF, UNDP and UN Women to deliver the training. It is part of the UN’s work under Pillar 1 of the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework 2022-2025, which aims to support people in Libya, particularly youth and women, to enable them to better exercise their rights and in an inclusive, stable, democratic and reconciled society. 

“The word ‘democracy’ means that power belongs to all of the people – not only men, not only the wealthy, not only the most influential,” said Hugo Salamanca Kacic, UNDP and Promoting Elections for the People of Libya Chief Technical Advisor/Programme Manager. “Because elections are a democratic process, their success depends on the participation of everyone. Elections need women,” he added. 

UN Women added that they were pleased to partner with UNSMIL and other UN agencies to deliver the Ra'idat programme. Ra’idat prioritizes the inclusion of young women in decision-making and helps ensure that their valuable contributions will pave the way for decisions that reflect the needs and aspirations of people from diverse cultural components and result in positive outcomes for the greater Libya.