United Nations Country Team Results Report 2021

12 Oct 2022

United Nations Country Team Results Report 2021

The results of the United Nation’s work in Libya during the last year are highlighted in the newly released report of the UN in Libya’s Results for 2021.  

The report details the collective efforts of the UN Support Mission in Libya and all UN agencies to provide support for the stabilization, early recovery and peacebuilding efforts in Libya in 2021.  

“Overall, in the third year of the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Framework 2019-2022, significant progress was recorded across 64 per cent of identified outcome indicators,” said Georgette Gagnon, Deputy Representative of Secretary General, Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Libya. “The team’s excellent work also means some 54 per cent of output indicators were met by the end of 2021."  

Working alongside national and local government and civil society partners, the UN team supported the COVID-19 response, restored and secured access to basic services for 60 per cent of the population, and provided business grants, skills development and mentoring to women, men and youth across Libya.  

The UN Country Team worked with 20 government ministries, 34 institutions, 19 member states, 22 donors, 13 private sector entities and 2 global UN funds to achieve these results.  

“We recognize the need to kick-start the longer-term recovery process in Libya,” Gagnon said. “The UN Country Team remains ready and committed to supporting government, local authorities, communities and civil society across the country to advance peacebuilding and development priorities for the benefit of all people in Libya – particularly women, children and youth, vulnerable and marginalized groups including persons with disabilities, victims of human rights violations and migrants and refugees.”