UNSMIL: New Round of Libyan Political Dialogue at UN Office in Geneva to Commence Wednesday

13 Jan 2015

UNSMIL: New Round of Libyan Political Dialogue at UN Office in Geneva to Commence Wednesday

13 January 2015 - The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) is hosting a new round of political dialogue that seeks to end Libya’s deepening political and security crisis, and reach agreement on managing the remainder of the transitional period. The decision to convene these talks follows extensive consultations with all the major Libyan stakeholders.

The talks will be launched on Wednesday, 14 January 2015, at the United Nations Office at Geneva. The talks will be guided by the principles of the 17 February Revolution and democratic values and human rights, respect for the Constitutional Declaration, respect for the legitimacy of State institutions - legislative, executive and the judiciary – and the rejection of terrorism.

UNSMIL views this new round of dialogue as providing a key opportunity for the Libyan parties to engage in a political process that paves the way towards breaking the political deadlock underlying the political crisis and institutional crisis that have engulfed the country.

The discussions in Geneva will also seek to put in place the necessary security arrangements for bringing about a total cessation of armed hostilities which have claimed many civilians lives, displaced hundreds of thousands from their homes and resulted in extensive damage to infrastructure and the country’s economy. Furthermore, the talks aim to secure a phased withdrawal of all armed groups from all major towns and cities, including Tripoli, and enable the State to reassert its authority over government institutions, strategic installations and other vital facilities.

In launching this new round of talks, UNSMIL reminds all parties that dialogue is an inclusive and transparent process that is driven by the higher Libyan national interest, including safeguarding the country’s national unity and territorial integrity. The Mission views this process, therefore, as an open invitation to all parties that are committed to a stable and democratic Libya through peaceful means.

A process like this cannot satisfy everyone in everything. But what is important is that the Libyans seize this opportunity and take the necessary risks for peace by joining these talks, for they will be certain to achieve more by participating rather than by staying away. UNSMIL will do everything possible to assist the Libyan participants to reach common ground.

In convening the first round of political talks, the United Nations has extended invitations to a number of political and civil society representatives. Subsequent rounds, which are envisaged to be held next week, will include representatives from selected municipalities from across the country. The dialogue process will include additional tracks to be convened at a later date. These will include political parties, armed groups, as well as tribal and societal leaders.

UNSMIL takes this opportunity to salute the courage of those who have agreed to take part in the talks. With determination, patience and perseverance of the Libyans, the Mission is confident that the Libyan people will be able to find sustainable solutions to their problems and challenges facing Libya, restore stability and place their country on the path to prosperity.

Herewith is a list of participants on the dialogue being launched on Wednesday:


Mohammad Shoaib
Abu Baker Bueera
Assadiq Idris Mohammad
Saleh Huma
Mossa El Kony
Ahmad Al Abbar
Fathi Bashagha
Na’eem Al Gharyani
Tawfiq Shuhabi
Fawzi Egab
Naima Gebril
Nihad Meteeq
Fadeel Amin
Noori Al Abbar


Saleh Al Makhzoum
Omar Humeidan
Mohammad Ammari
Mohammad Imm’azzib


Suleiman Al Fageeh
Mohammad Abdul-Aziz
Mustafa Abu Shagour
Sherif Al Wafi


Omar Abu Leife