Libyan Women Participating in the Framework of the Second Conference for Libyan Women Peace Agenda

26 Jan 2017

Libyan Women Participating in the Framework of the Second Conference for Libyan Women Peace Agenda

Hamamat, Tunis - UNSMIL and UNDP facilitated the follow-up Conference on Women’s Peace Agenda under the slogan of (Together we Make Peace). More than 60 women from all regions of Libya gathered in Hamamat, Tunis for the period 23-26 January 2017 to discuss ways forward and strategies for joint actions to promote peace in Libya. In his opening remarks via recorded video, Mr. Martin Kobler, the SRSG emphasized on UN Security Council Resolution, 1325 on women, peace and security that provides a framework for women to participate in the peace processes. 

During the four days, the participants shared their experiences in promoting peace since November 2015 when they developed the Women’s Peace Agenda at Montreux, and reflected on the challenges they faced. The interaction among the participants provided them with learning opportunities and exchanging of views.

The conference provided a safe space for women who held evening side events and discussed many issues of their concern including women and economy, violence against women, women and the media to mention but a few.  With determination, the participants succeeded to develop a framework of a national campaign on peaceful-coexistence and committed themselves to move forward to play an effective role in promoting peace through collective actions, and networking. Solidarity of Libyan women will ensure their collective actions and unified voice to promote peace at community and national levels.

The conference was funded by the Swiss, German and Netherlands governments.

The participants made the below statement by the end of the conference: 

We Libyan women, from most of Libyan cities, meeting within the framework of the second conference for the Libyan Women Peace Agenda, under the slogan “Together we Make Peace”, during the period from 23-26 January 2017 in Hamamat, Tunis reaffirm the principles and the strategic objectives included in the Women Peace Agenda that emerged from Montreux conference in Switzerland on 17 November 2015, as the basis to promote the role of women in peacemaking.   

The responsibility of peace rests on all Libyans (men and women), and cannot be achieved without the active participation of women in the peace process as an advocate and partner in peacemaking. Based on the proceedings of the conference and the value added by the participants and the strategic objectives of the document, we emphasize the need to work together to empower women to be an active partner in peace building and an influential element in decision-making.

The participating women adopted the language of dialogue and the spirit of consensus that culminated in an agreement to launch a national campaign to promote peaceful coexistence. 

In conclusion, we value the efforts and sponsorship of the United Nations Development Program and the United Nations Mission in Libya to our conference.

Issued in Hamamat - Tunis, 26 January 2017