Media Advisory on False Document Distributed under the Title:

27 May 2013

Media Advisory on False Document Distributed under the Title:

Tripoli, 27 May 2013

: The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) would like to alert all media and social media users that the document being circulated and distributed under the title "Minutes of Meeting of the Preparatory Session of the First National Conference on Human Rights/Benghazi, Libya 29th April, 2013" is completely false. UNSMIL would like to emphasize the following:

  1. This document was previously circulated in April 2013 on a Facebook page calling itself "Security Council/Libyan Branch/Crime Fighting Agency", on which UNSMIL had issued an advisory on 15 April 2013 stressing that the page was falsely using the name of the Security Council and that all the information attributed to the United Nations by this page was fake, unreliable and baseless.
  2. The United Nations does not have any position or post known as "Coordinator of International Forces in the Security Council". For further information on the UN structure and the composition of its main organs, including the Security Council and its subsidiary bodies, we encourage all interested to visit the UN website, which is available in the six official languages of the Organization, including Arabic.
  3. With regards to the content of the statement which was allegedly attributed to the fictitious UN official with the fabricated title of "Coordinator of International Forces in the Security Council", we would like to confirm that it has no connection to the UN or any of its components, and that it has neither been stated verbally nor in writing by any UN official at any time or occasion.
  4. In terms of the UN position and view regarding the situation in Libya as well as its activities in support of the Libyan democratic transition efforts, these are all available in the periodic and public reports submitted by the Secretary-General to the Security Council and the briefings presented by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Libya, in addition to press releases issued by the Security Council, the Secretary-General and UNSMIL. All these materials are available in both Arabic and English on the following platforms:

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