Political Dialogue Round Commences in Skhirat, Morocco. Thursday 27 August 2015

27 Aug 2015

Political Dialogue Round Commences in Skhirat, Morocco. Thursday 27 August 2015

Skhirat, Morocco, 27 August 2015 - A round of Libyan political dialogue facilitated by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) commenced Thursday 27 August 2015 in Skhirat, Morocco. Discussions are focusing on expediting the dialogue process with a view to finalising the Libyan Political Agreement, including reaching agreement on a Government of National Accord.

The Mission has been informed by the GNC that its team will not be attending this round of talks in Skhirat, explaining that it needs to reorganize its negotiating team following the resignation of two members. The GNC assured UNSMIL that it remains committed to the dialogue process and will participate in the next session. UNSMIL will continue its contacts with the GNC to ensure its effective participation in the process.
Mr. Leon said that time is running out as the country faces growing challenges, including the continuing suffering of the people as a result of the conflict, the expanding Daesh terrorist danger and the threat of economic collapse.

The Libyan dialogue has entered its final phase and the talks over seven months have come a long way in narrowing the differences between the parties.

The SRSG said that the onus is on Libya's leaders on all sides, and at all levels, to set aside their differences, put the supreme interest of their country before any other consideration and make that final push towards peace. He added that UNSMIL will intensify its contacts with the Libyan stakeholders in the coming days towards this end.