Remarks by SRSG for Libya, Bernardino Leon, to the media in Skhirat, Morocco, 10 September 2015

10 Sep 2015

Remarks by SRSG for Libya, Bernardino Leon, to the media in Skhirat, Morocco, 10 September 2015

Remarks by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Libya, Bernardino Leon, to the media at the opening of a round of political dialogue in Skhirat, Morocco, on Thursday 10 September 2015:

Leon: we are starting a new round of talks in this Libya process, which we hopefully will be the final round, will be the moment of truth for the parties. We are very hopeful that they will understand that this deadline of the 20th of September must be the last one, must be the one that will allow Libya to get out of this crisis.

There are very concerning news in the last hours. You are all aware of them. On the one hand, the killing of, again civilians, and especially the killing of some kids in Benghazi. Equally in the last hours, we have heard that Daesh have taken the offices of the Libyan Central Bank in Sirte and also some private banks. This is very concerning and very serious development. So, the international community is not only condemning this but also asking the Libyans to understand that enough is enough.

There are more news about kidnappings, more actions from Daesh. So, it is the moment of truth. It is the moment to make a deal. And all the Libyans - and all the international community - are asking their representatives, politicians, independents, civil society that are gathering here in Skhirat to reach a deal, to put the interest of their country above any other consideration.

In the coming days, our agenda will be to discuss the annexes and we hope that between this evening and tomorrow evening it will be possible to reach an agreement on the annexes and then the day after tomorrow to start the discussion on names. And I hope that all the participants will be ready to engage in this discussion.

The United Nations would like this process to be completely transparent and completely clear to everyone. So, I am going to repeat again the way the United Nations is proposing to work. We will have, as I have reiterated on many occasions, as a working method the system that is used in the European Union, to select the top personalities, the top jobs in the European Union and will do it, giving the HoR and the GNC the priority in this discussion and then opening the discussion gradually to all the participants in this national dialogue.

Both the HoR and GNC will have the possibility to propose candidates for the post of deputy prime ministers. We will have the possibility to discuss with all the participants, and I insist the priority will be these two institutions. And I hope that everybody will engage in this discussion in a responsible way.

This is what I wanted to tell you today.