Special Representative of Secretary-General Visits Benghazi

30 Nov 2012

Special Representative of Secretary-General Visits Benghazi

Special Representative of the Secretary General for Libya, Mr. Tarek Mitri, visited Benghazi on 29 November 2012 to meet with the city's Local Council, civil society organizations, the new police commander and other political and academic figures.

These meetings covered a range of issues, including decentralization, judicial reform, local government and administration in the East, internally displaced persons, and the transit of illegal migrants.

"The United Nations remains engaged in and committed to Benghazi and the East," Mr. Mitri said.

Addressing a number of civil society organizations on the constitutional process, Mr. Mitri emphasized Libyan ownership and leadership of the constitution-making process, while offering such advice and technical assistance as the Libyan government and people request.

Mr. Mitri also pledged to support local authorities and civil society organizations where appropriate as they address the challenges ahead.