United Nations Visits Southern Libya

25 Nov 2012

United Nations Visits Southern Libya

Sabha, 25 November 2012 - A joint United Nations mission led by the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General Georg Charpentier travelled to the Libyan South on 19-24 November, visiting the cities and environs of Ghat, Obari, Murzuq and Sabha.

The mission met with local and military councils and civil society organizations and noted local concerns focusing mostly on the porous borders and negative effects of illegal immigration, citizenship rights and comparatively low levels of social infrastructure.

"There were a lot of issues raised relating to border security, the negative effects of illegal immigration and the development of the South in general," said Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General Georg Charpentier, speaking in Sabha at the conclusion of the trip. "One aspect on which they put a lot of emphasis was the issue of identity of some people in the South that perceive themselves as Libyans but do not have proper identity documents. This is a very sensitive and sovereign issue which is for the Libyans to determine. The forthcoming Constitutional process offers a platform to address this issue in an inclusive and consultative manner", Mr Charpentier added.

The mission also included representatives from the United Nations Support Mission in Libya and agencies such as UNHCR, UNICEF, UNESCO and the United Nations Mine Action Service.

"One year after my first visit to the region, I was able to see the South in a different context - one that is moving further down the path of the democratic transition," Mr Charpentier said.