UNSMIL reviews 6+6 Committee's draft electoral laws with stakeholders

16 Jun 2023

UNSMIL reviews 6+6 Committee's draft electoral laws with stakeholders

Tripoli – DSRSG Raisedon Zenenga today met with representatives from 17 Libyan political parties and associations, representing the majority of parties across the geographic and political spectrum.

The meeting is one of many UNSMIL has organized this week to seek the views of different stakeholders on current developments in Libya and the draft electoral laws developed by the 6+6 Committee of the House of Representatives and High Council of State. 

Participants shared their thoughts on the 6+6 Committee’s draft election laws. They highlighted some positive elements, notably the inclusion of political parties in the elections,  and shared their concerns about provisions that could impede the practical implementation of the laws, as well as disagreements on political aspects emanating from the proposed laws.

The parties offered suggestions about ways to address contentious issues and move to elections in 2023, including UNSMIL'S role.

DSRSG Zenenga thanked participants for their continuous engagement with the Mission. He reiterated the importance of ensuring electoral laws are implementable, noting that successful elections require buy-in from all major stakeholders, including political parties.